Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The red bandana brigade...

Photo of Sam Shui women being taken to work on a construction site by lorry. The leader holds what looks like a building plan as she chats with the contacting agent.
   These Sam Shui "Red bandanas"  women worked hard on many construction sites in the formation of the city. They were a more common sight in the 1970s. The vast majority have either passed on in old age or returned "home" to Guandung long ago. Many boarded their ships departing on barges from Clarke Quay.  Its estimated more than 200.000 arrived pre WW2. In 2014 there was a report about 2 remaining survivors in their 90s still alive in Singapore.
 They deserve respect for their simple hardworking lives and cemented in the history of the Republic.


  1. Was the other one (in blue bandana?) aware of you taking photos and hid behind her basket? Great memories of the all-purpose basket too!

  2. Yes Victor, the photo was taken in traffic from a moving car as i remember. I drew up along side and shot the pic one handed. ^^. As you say the "lady in blue" was suspicious of my intentions ( it was thought that a camera could catch part of one's soul). Fortunately for her she was saved the fate of her companions. ^^