Monday, June 20, 2016

Clarke Quay peoples loo

Here is another before and after look at an old local institution, the public loo located at Clarke quay. It was demolished just before the boats were banished to Pasir Panjang, late 80s.
   I imagine that the stevedores and river folk were glad to have a little privacy in the midst of a busy day. Anyone remember this one?  I know there were 3 or 4 other public lavatories in the city at one time. I have a vague memory of one at peoples park.
   In the photo a tree flourishes and branches over the present round about where this once glorious colonial vestige stood.
  Is the round about (1988)  there today? I rather think its not in the plans of the new entertainment centre of current yuppie Clarke Quay, but I will need the upgrade to see that.   :)
   The clean and green river, be assured I will be very soon posting pictures of fishermen and swimmers enjoying .....

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  1. Wow, a nice structure for a public toilet. :) I remember on at the Hock Lee Bus Terminus at South Canal Rd (I think) near to the OCBC building. Mainly for the bus drivers and conductors I think.