Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kerr street and Leng Hiang Tua temple statues

Its been a while since I last posted. I found a few old prints from the the old neighbourhood, which I had to put up.
  The first picture (B&W) is of Kerr street  during a temple festival in the 1960s. The wayang stage blocks the street, in front of the Tua Peh Kong temple. A Teochew performing the matinee presentation , being watched by largish group of "standing room only"  audience. Its possibly a weekend or a holiday be normally at work at the 2pm show. The characters on stage might well be performing   the "Ho Siew" pre show ritual with characters from The Eight Immortals.
  The other three images are from the Leng Hiang Twa temple across Read Bridge , by the river. I'm delighted to find these close up images of the Deity statues, how magnificent they are too.

images of Deities within the Leng Hiang twa temple at Clarke quay.

Pic 1 is the attendant to the city God Cheng Huang.
Pic 2 Twa Ya Peh  (Hades official)
Pic 3 Doumu mother of the Nine Emperor Deities, a vegetarian festival celebrated in October by the temple.

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