Monday, August 29, 2016

Gambling - oldstyle

I was delighted to find this photo from the 1970s of a group of people playing Si-sek, literally four colours, indicating the cards. Almost impossible to find a deck of si-sek nowadays, only a few old timers even remember how to play. Such a gathering playing for money would have been illegal and I am grateful for the trust of the players that I, "seow angmoh" (crazy westerner) would not cause them problems with his photo taking....

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Clarke Quay portraits

Some new paintings and photos that depict the charm and charisma of the Clarke Quay district along The Singapore river.

Corner Kopi tiam exterior at The quay.

Birds eye view

Johore road was a hub of activity, market in the daytime, and a haunt for transvestites at night with eating stalls, bars and at least three Taoist temples.

Funeral Lorry from The Tay Teck Society parked on Ord bridge
These funereal transports were much more common in the 1960s/70s
gorgeously decorated, a dragon or phoenix placed on the top beam to signify the gender of the deceased. And paper money strewn from the back on the route to the cemetery, as dictated by tradtion  to gain the cooperation of any malignant spirits.

Celebration for the 9 Sovereigns by The Liang Hiang Tua temple celebrating the vegetarian festival along the bank of the river, NB the 9 suspended lanterns hoisted for the occasion .